lundi 13 avril 2009

Staff Sergeant Isadore S. Jachman B/513th PIR

Isadore Jachman was born in Berlin, Germany, on December 14, 1922, the first son of Leo and Lotte Jachmann. The family moved to the United States when Isadore was two years old. He was raised in Baltimore, Maryland and attended high school at the Baltimore City College, graduating in 1939. Jachman, who was Jewish, had relatives who died in the Holocaust, including six aunts and uncles.
The 17th Airborne entered combat for the first time on Christmas Day 1944. On 4 January, the 513th PIR was attacking towards Flamierge. The 1st Battalion came under heavy fire as it crossed open ground. Two Tiger tanks concentrated their fire on Jachman’s B company. His citation for the Congressional Medal of Honor continues….

For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity above and beyond the call of duty at Flamierge, Belgium, on 4, January, 1945, when his company was pinned down by enemy artillery, mortar and small arms fire, two hostile tanks attacked the unit inflicting heavy casualties. Sergeant Jachman seeing the desperate plight of his comrades, left his place of cover with total disregard for his own safety dashed across open ground through a hail of fire and seizing a bazooka from a fallen comrade advanced on the tanks, which concentrated their fire on him. Firing the weapon alone, he damaged one tank forcing both of them to retire. Sergeant Jachman's heroic action, in which he suffered fatal wounds, disrupted the entire enemy attack, reflecting the highest credit upon himself and the parachute infantry.